Madame Grès, la couture à l’œuvre
Musée Bourdelle
The exhibition of the most representative works from Madame Grès's collection was
held at Bourdelle Museum in Paris.
A retrospective exhibition of Madame Grès’s most representative works was held at the Bourdelle Museum.
Madame Grès retrospective 25/03/2011-28/8/2011


The Bourdelle Museum, famous for its sculptures, held an exhibition around Madame Grès from March 25th to August 28th 2011. Commissioned by the Galliera museum, it showcased a selection of representative works spanning the 50-year career of Madame Grès, “fashion’s pioneer of minimalism”. Her sculpture-like dresses, which, behind their deceptive simplicity, concealed complex techniques, express a timeless creativity and remain to this day a model for many couturiers and designers. This first ever exhibition of Madame Grès’s works was made possible thanks to the collaboration of two museums, the Galliera museum of fashion and the Bourdelle museum.

Below are videos of the opening reception and an analysis of the exhibition’s highlights by Olivier Saillard, director of the Galliera museum of fashion and commissioner of the exhibition.

Yagi Tsusho ltd. endorsed the Galliera museum’s initiative and brought its support to the exhibition.

*Due to popular demand, the Madame Grèsexhibition was extended an extra month and was held until August 28th.


1. マダム・グレ回顧展 オープニング プレビュー
 Opening preview of the exhibition
 2011.03.23 18:00~

2. ガリエラ・モード美術館 館長が語るマダム・グレ回顧展の見所
 Highlights of the exhibition;
 An interview with Mr. Olivier Saillard (Curator of The Musée Galliera)


3. マダム・グレの残した足跡
 Mr.Olivier Saillard (Curator of The Musée Galliera) talks
 about Madame Grès's great achievement

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